Electra Elevators has been bringing Israel to new heights for more than 70 years.

offering a wide variety of elevators, escalators and conveyors, including industrial lifting equipment, accessibility equipment, advanced parking solutions, and rack and pinion elevators. We are a leading player in the market, able to create tailor-made service packages to meet each customer's unique needs. Electra Elevators' skilled professional team is responsible for over .20,000 elevators around Israel

Since 1967, we have been Israel's exclusive distributors of Otis (USA), the world's leading makers of elevators and escalators, and Alimak-Hek (Sweden), the global leaders in elevators for construction, industry, and service.

We also manufacture and maintain our own line of sophisticated Electra-brand elevators, designed for office buildings, skyscrapers, commercial centers, and residential complexes.

In 2009, Electra Taamal (formerly Taamal Mizra) joined Electra Elevators. Electra Taamal manufactures, installs, and services stairlifts, elevators, and accessibility devices for private homes, as well as industrial equipment. Electra Parking Solutions joined the expanded Electra Elevators in 2015.


Electra Elevators and its subsidiaries are vital players in the success of the Electra Group's lifecycle concept. Since 1945, we have been responsible for the installation and maintenance of over 16,500 elevators and escalators throughout Israel, including the country's fastest, highest, and largest. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, excellent service, and exceptional experience, Electra Elevators is the leader in its field, providing elevators for new office towers and residential buildings, hospitals, train stations, hotels, and a major international airport.

We take great pride in the quality of our products and the excellence of our planning, production, repair, and service processes. Every installation is customized to create the ideal solution for each individual building's needs and aesthetic style, all using the most technologically-advanced elevators, escalators, and conveyors.

Electra Elevators strictly adheres to the most stringent quality standards and schedules, using cutting-edge management methods. This is the foundation of every project, ranging from private homes to skyscrapers. We strive for excellence at all times in order to maintain our position as a market leader and to continue providing unmatched service and personal support to each and every customer.